Forward: A Story of Radical Change Through Pain, Sacrifice, and Surrender

I’d like to say this story began the moment fell off the Onewheel electric skateboard that and broke my hip, but that just not true. The story actually began months before the break, when I decided to make a tremendous life-altering change. And to be perfectly honest, you might even say the that the story began years before the change, because the reasons for the change are many, and they are complicated.

You see, I’m what some people would refer to as an ex-drunk, or what the ones like myself prefer to call ourselves, which is an alcoholic.

To put it simply, I’ve dealt with addictive tendencies since I was a teenager, perhaps even younger. I still remember my first cigarette in a now non-existent Apple orchard in Yakima, Washington.

But addiction is only part of the story.

On the other side of that is the authentic “me”. The version of myself who I am still getting to know. This is the person who has been cloaked by a lifetime of programming and experiences.

This is a story not only of excruciating pain and suffering, but also of transformation.

As cliche as it sounds, this story can be related to that of a caterpillar which morphs into a moth. And much of this story is devoted to the process that occurs during the stage of transition, which in the metaphor above, would be the cocoon phase.

If you were to dissect a cocoon at certain points during the transformation, you wouldn’t see a caterpillar nor a moth. Instead you would something resembling split pea soup. A slurry of goo that resembles nothing like the creature it was or is to become. Serious change is often like cocoon slurry. It is messy, and it sometimes makes no sense. It can seem pointless and unsustainable, but then the magic happens.

This is a story about self-discovery through mindful action and experience. This is a story about living with demons and ghosts, and often times feeling like one or the other. This is a story of tragic comedy and irony. This story is a journey that you can take with me as I recover from many incredible traumatic experiences.

This is The Hip Saga.







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